Moringa Chewable Tablet

One after meal, relaxing weight loss journey
Detox, cleanse for healthy living

DE CUTZ combines 5 high-quality ingredients, a good helper in your weight loss journey. Block starch and fat effectively being absorbed into our body. Accumulated fats will be burned, stubborn fats and toxin residues will be excreted in order to achieve healthy weight loss. Taking 1 tablet after meal prevents fats & toxins accumulation due to overeating. Enable you to continue enjoy your delicacies.

3 in 1 Shape Abs

Combining triple effect, triple power of body shaping result

Detox : Helps to excrete harmful substances from the body
Burn Fat : Converting fat to energy, promote fat burning to achieve weight loss easily
Blocker : Prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into body fat

Serving direction: Chew 1 tablet, once daily, chew properly before swallowing
Packaging specification: 30 chewable tablets/box (1g/chewable tablet)