Anti-aging & longevity

Restoring Youth; Realizing Longevity

N MEX is formulated with high efficacy ingredients such as NMN, Grape stem cell, Mixed tocotrienol tocopherol (DavosLife E3), Pomegranate (Viqua®) and Ganoderma lucidum, which provide the benefit of anti-aging and strengthen your body from the core of cells, N MEX helps to restore metabolic capacity and physical function back to the younger you.

Restore Your Youth with N MEX!

  • Anti-aging - Repair the damaged DNA and maintain telomere length to delay the aging process
  • Increase longevity - Activate the longevity gene “Sirtuin" to maintain cellular health
  • Improve physiological function - Improve the aging related body function deterioration and reduce the burden of age-related diseases
  • Boost energy - Enhance cell vitality and relieve fatigue
  • Maintain brain health - Increase NAD+ level to enhance brain function, delay cognitive decline, promote metabolism and improve quality of sleep

Serving direction: Tear off 1 sachet of N MEX and directly consume

Packaging specification: 30 sachet/box (1g/sachet)