De Tide

Small-molecule active soy peptide

Without peptide, cells are inactive;Without peptide, organs are malfunction!

De Tide small-molecule active soy peptide production and raw material extraction using the US advanced research and development activity and Japan patented extraction technology to retain the active ingredients of soy peptide and with the bio-enzymatic protein decomposition technology, successfully extracted high-purity small-molecule active soy peptide. De Tide small-molecule active soy peptide can be absorbed more effectively compared to soy protein and the content of amino acids is very high!

The role of peptide in our body:

Activation: activates cells and effectively removes harmful free radicals
Repair: repair damaged cells and maintain normal cell structure and function
Promote: promote and maintain cell nutrient absorption and normal metabolism
Inhibition: inhibit cell degeneration and improve immune system

Serving direction: Pour 1 sachet into 80-100mL of room temperature water, stir well and drink. 1-2 sachet daily. Recommended to drink on an empty stomach. (Besides, it is recommended to drink 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after exercise to build muscle and to reduce muscle pain caused by lactic acid.)
Packaging specification: 16 sachet/box (5g/sachet)