De Sleamm

Intestinal “Scavenger”

A healthy body starts with a clean intestine
A healthy intestine starts from De Sleamm

The living standards for people nowadays have been gradually improving, caused their food intake are most of those refined foods that contain lower dietary fiber. If the “intestinal scavenger” - dietary fiber is lacking in the diet, it may slow down intestinal peristalsis and cause difficulty in removing waste from the body, and toxins will stand a chance to stay! Hence, supplementing dietary fiber in your diet has become the top priority.

De Sleamm, easy, quick & effective!

  • Prevent constipation, accelerate defecation
  • Growth of probiotic, improve digestive system
  • Increase satiety, control body weight
  • Reduce blood lipids, reduce cardiovascular risk
  • Control blood sugar, reduce the risk of diabetes

Serving direction: Mix 1 sachet with 400ml of room temperature water, shake well and drink immediately.

Packaging specification: Aromatic soybean flavor- 10 sachet/box (30g / sachet)