A comprehensive body shaping program

Get rid of obesity and move towards health path!

DE10 is a comprehensive weight loss program designed to reshape modern lifestyle by adopting healthy habits. It combines a healthy way of weight loss and detoxification to achieve the most comprehensive slimming result. Meanwhile, DE10 brings many health benefits during weight loss and fat loss to satisfying people who pursue healthy weight loss.

The 1st choice weight loss program for body shaping

  1. Multigrain light meal replacement “De Meal” contains balanced nutrition to provide nutrients required by the body.
  2. Fat Burning and shape up body “DE CUTZ” helps to eliminate toxins; fat-burning.
  3. The best source of fiber “De Sleamm” which helps to cleanse the intestinal and defecation; taking care of a healthy gut.
  • Weight management
  • Relieve constipation
  • Reduce body fat
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Remove body toxins

Serving direction:
De Meal - Mix 1 sachet with 250-300ml of lukewarm water, shake well and ready to serve.
DE CUTZ - Chew 1 tablet, once daily. Chew proper before swallow.
De Sleamm - Mix 1 sachet with 400ml of room temperature water, shake well and drink immediately.

Packaging specification:
De Meal - 10 sachet /box (35g / sachet)
DE CUTZ - 10 chewable tablet/box (1g / chewable tablet)
De Sleamm - 5 sachet lemon flavor/box (15g / sachet), 5 sachet soybean flavor/box (30g / sachet)